brdgt r. cat (sounderwater) wrote in general_people,
brdgt r. cat

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Last night, driving home at around 11 30, I was mindlessly staring out my window. As we switched lanes and I ended up having no wall to look at without glancing through other people's cars. A blonde girl of an indeterminate age that could just as well have been 14 or 30 caught my eye. She was wearing glasses, so I could not tell if the irregular light streaming from her eyes was simply the moon shining through her spectacles, or tears--until I looked to her side. The woman in the driver's seat had her face in her hands, crunched over. The two of them were both crying. I couldn't do anything, couldn't say a word through two rows of cars, and certainly didn't know them, so I just kept looking and wondering "what the hell is wrong..?"
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