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Thursday, November 17th, 2005
8:43 pm
as my bus crawled along in thursday traffic, i looked out the window to spot a very curious old lady. She seemed to be in her mid-60's, but very healthy and fit, for she was power-walking. She wore a dark-blue tunic and the strangest pants i have ever seen. They were sea-foam green spandex pants, paired with ankle-boots the same shade of tan that workmen's boots are.

not two blocks later, i saw another peculiar person. This time, it was a man that seemed to have stepped out of a black-and-white TV show from the 50's. He was wearing loafers and khaki slacks, with a dress shirt and no-nonsense-print tie. Over his shirt, he wore a v-neck sweater in the brightest of reds. He wore glasses, and what was left of his hair (for he was balding) was slicked in such a way so that it looked slicked back, but didn't show a whole lot of his bald head.
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
9:13 pm
i wasn't aware that someone could mess up a simple pasta dish like that, but the strange restaurant made for some very interesting people watching.

There was a woman in her 30's right in my line of sight. She was very pretty and formally dressed. I'm not sure how, but I could tell that she was beginning to get wrinkles, and she used a very good product to keep them away. She was with an older man, maybe about 50ish, having their first dinner together. I know so because I heard her make a toast "To our first dinner." but I could tell there wasn't going to be a second. She leaned close to him too obviously; she was trying to be pleasant. I watched her as she kept refusing more wine or expensive sparkling water. At one part towards the beginning, I saw her face contort in aware sadness. I say that they met up over the internet, and he was telling her about his divorce with his now ex-wife. She tried to get through the meal, and I could tell that at the end she was going to pretend to keep in touch with him, and then she would quickly go home and change her email address so that she could avoid him. I left before she did, and I'm very sad that I could catch her eye and give her an encouraging smile. She looked like she needed one.

x-posted to quiet_thrills. sorry to all two of you for double-posting.
Monday, August 29th, 2005
4:24 pm
There was a man in the middle of the crosswalk of the street, trying to catch the bus. He sat near me and my friend, and I was sure there was someone in another dimension writing a story, and this man was one of the characters. He wore a bright red shirt, and big thick-rimmed glasses that magnified his eyes. I hadn't even known those existed outside the movies; that such a stereotype existed in the real world. He sat near me and my friend, and spotted her "Kung Fu" bag, and began telling her about how she made a lot of money by doing martial arts. He noticed the array of pocket-watches drawn on my shoe, and told me it was good I was writing on shoes instead of walls and other people's property. His eyes scanned my friend's small breasts, and probably mine as well (though i was looking out the window, so i wouldn't know). He had a large cloth sack, filled with stuff I couldn't see. Throughout the bus ride, he ate three bags on Doritos, one after the other after the other. We parted ways as we got off the bus, and I still want to know where he was going.
Sunday, July 31st, 2005
10:31 am
Last night, driving home at around 11 30, I was mindlessly staring out my window. As we switched lanes and I ended up having no wall to look at without glancing through other people's cars. A blonde girl of an indeterminate age that could just as well have been 14 or 30 caught my eye. She was wearing glasses, so I could not tell if the irregular light streaming from her eyes was simply the moon shining through her spectacles, or tears--until I looked to her side. The woman in the driver's seat had her face in her hands, crunched over. The two of them were both crying. I couldn't do anything, couldn't say a word through two rows of cars, and certainly didn't know them, so I just kept looking and wondering "what the hell is wrong..?"
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